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ALEXIS "LEXY" LACE Murder on Broadway in Riviera Beach Cheerleader Mother of 3 murdered

Alexis “Lexy” Lace was a high school Cheerleader with over 150 friends on her Facebook page. She grew up in Jackson, New Jersey and was born with good looks, developed a friendly personality and was an example of an All-American girl. Then her mother unknowingly made the fatal mistake of moving to a trailer park in Riviera Beach on Broadway when she graduated high school about 6 years ago. At 18 years old, away from her high school friends and with few job prospects she gravitated to the local girls a few years older than her who lived and hung out in the trailer park. They smoked crack cocaine and walked Broadway, getting into cars with strangers and having quick sex for $20-$60, whatever they could negotiate. At that time there were 15-20 girls on Broadway at any given time, a motel on Broadway rented rooms for $30 a day, it was a constant party. Customers cruised Broadway looking for both sex & girls that could get them crack. Over the 5 year time frame after she arrived in Riviera Beach Alexis bore 3 children from fathers who walked away. True love was hard to find for Lexy. Her mother stepped in to care for the kids. Then one day she tried a “Roxy” (oxycodone) that someone gave her. Soon she was crushing up them up and shooting them into her veins for the fierce buzz and euphoria. By 2011 the party on Broadway was ending. Riviera Beach police cracked down on prostitution and Alexis found herself in & out of the Gun Club Jail. Her “friends” the other girls who lived the life drifted away. Then in 2012 she finally went to court ordered rehab for 3 months. She came out clean but within weeks was seen walking late at night on Broadway with sores covering her arms from shooting up. On December 16, 2012 she lived her last day on Earth at the Southern Court Trailer Park. At about 2AM that morning she was walking on Broadway and came upon Paul Farina, a 20-year old kid out looking for oral sex. They went back to his rental apartment in Lake Park. The word is she gave him oral sex, but instead of the $30 she was promised he offered $15. Allegedly Alexis went into a panic, the pill she needed cost $25 and she started making a scene. Farina claims Alexis grabbed a knife on the kitchen table and attacked him. People who know Alexis say there’s no way she would do that, her move would be to scream and yell to scare the Date into paying her to shut her up and get her out of his house. A downstairs neighbor heard a girl yelling and started up the stairs to investigate. He heard her scream “Why are you doing this to me, I have 3 kids.” Then it went silent. When he got to the window he saw Paul Farina dragging Alexis by her feet, her head was a pool of flowing blood. He called 911. When police arrived they found Alexis dead, her neck had been sliced to the spine, “almost decapitated” according to the police report. After first making up a story about an intruder, Paul Farina admitted he sliced her throat, but claimed it was a struggle and stuck with his story about her attacking him. Alexis Lace is no more than 5 foot 3 inches tall. Locals think he first grabbed her by the throat to make her stop screaming, then threatened her with a knife, then cut her throat to warn her, then sliced her neck. He then cut his own hand to create his story in a panic. Now Paul Farina sits in jail charged with 2nd degree murder. Alexis “Lexy” Lace is dead. Her 3 children will grow up without a mother or father, they are being raised by Alexis’s mom in Stuart. A need for $10 to get a Roxy cost a Cheerleader her life. One can only imagine her thoughts as she watched the blood drain out of her neck on that floor. This tragedy was ignored by the PB Post, just as they have ignored the massive problem with prescription drugs being sold on the black market in our area. A local TV news station ran the story the day after it happened. Since then it has been forgotten but those who knew her will never forget Lexy. There is blame to go around, obviously she made her own choices. But American pharmaceutical companies have dumped billions of these pills onto our streets and pocketed massive profits with no responsibility for what they do to people. Paul Farina killed Alexis Lace. But Roxy’s and a Broadway trailer park lifestyle led Lexy to her death.