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WALMART BONUSES I can't find 1 person who's gotten any Bonus at Lake Park Walmart

Ever since I read the much touted news that Walmart is giving all 600,000 of it's employees a $1,000 Bonus I started asking them if they had gotten it. For the last 3 weeks I've asked 27 different Walmart Employees at the Lake Park store and not one has gotten a bonus, a pay raise or even been told they would be getting one. When I asked the Assistant Mgr, he said "Those will go to senior people, like people who have 25 years of service or more."  That's not 600,000 employees, that may not even be 10,000 employees. When I pressed him on it he said "to be honest I don't know what's going on, I do know no one here has gotten either a pay increase or a bonus in relation to the news announcment your referring to." So it's either an outright lie or Walmart is keeping these bonuses a secret from their own employees. If you're in a Walmart, ask an employee yourself and see what they tell you!