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EVERY NAME IN THE LAS VEGAS BLACK BOOK Here they are, all the people who are not allowed in a Vegas Casino

If you’re in the Las Vegas black book, it means you are not permitted to enter any casino in Nevada. You are nominated for it, you attend a public hearing to fight it, then you can be put on the list and then you can be removed from the list. 16 people have had their names taken off the list. Some people like Herbie Blitzstein in 1996 get killed after being nominated in a gangland-style execution before hearings are conducted. Here’s the list and the year they went on it - 7 of them are current Palm Beach County residents - see if you know any.

Marshall Caifano - Chicago mob leader 1960
Louis Dragna Mob leader - convicted racketeer 1960
Alvin Kaohu - Hawaiian organized crime member 1975
Wilford Pulawa Hawaiian organized crime boss1975
John Vaccaro  Slot cheater 1986
Sandra Vaccaro Slot cheater1987
Chris Petti Mob associate convicted book maker & card cheat 1987
Michael Rizzitello Mob associate convicted kidnapper 1988
William Land Card cheater 1988
James Tamer Mob skimmer bank robber 1988
Frank Masterana  Convicted bookmaker 1988
Frank Rosenthal, Mob associate1988
Harold Lyons Slot cheater 1989
Joseph Cusumano Mob associate convicted racketeer1990
Douglas Barr  Slot  cheater  1990
Timothy Childs  Slot cheater 1991
Francis Citro  Mob collector & convicted racketeer 1991
Richard Perry  Convicted sports fixer 1992
Anthony St. Laurent Reputed mob associate convicted racketeer & bookmaker 1993
Dominic Spinale Convicted illegal book maker 1994
Brent Eli Morris
Douglas William Barr Convicted slot cheat 1994
William Dominick Cammisano Jr., Reputed mob figure 1997
Ronald Harris, Former Gaming Control Board slot cheat 1997
Anthony"Tony Ripe"Civella Reputed Kansas City mob figure1997
Jerry Dale Criner, Convicted slot cheat 1997
Louis John Olejack Convicted card cheat 1997
John Joseph Conti, Reputed mob associate 1997
Stephen Cino Reputed mobassociate1997
Charles Panarella  Reputed mob associate 1997
Michael DiBari  Slot cheat 1998
Peter Joseph"P.J."Ribaste Reputed mob associate 1999
Fred Pascente former Chicago police detective 1999
Michael Joseph Balsamo a 6-time convicted slot cheat 1999
Peter Jay Lenz  Bookmaking 2000