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FLORIDA LAWMAKERS SUPPORTING MONOPOLIES Residents get screwed as everyone from Indians to FPL keeps their Monopolies and take massive profits while we overpay

You may have heard politicians, especially Republicans but also many Democrats barking about how they support “Free Markets.” The facts show this is a complete lie. This legislative session they’ve all been conspiring to continue to support a gambling monopoly for the Indians and a few others that is worth billions. We will pay for it in many forms. I have friends who love to gamble but have stopped going to the Indian owned casinos in Florida like the Hard Rock Casino. They’ve told me stories about being ripped off by the Indians, denied jackpots they’ve won, harassed and verbally abused by Indian staffers who often tell them they could be killed and no one could do anything about it. The Seminole Tribe of Florida owns seven of the eight Indian casinos in the state and sovereign immunity shields the tribe from lawsuits, building codes and public records requests and any laws that aren't its own. The tribe has invoked these rights in cases ranging from refusing to release the 911 tapes related to Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith's death to Annie Talley’s death at the Hard Rock where her family members said they did nothing to help her when she had a heart attack to Christopher Robertson who claims the Tampa casino staff provided inadequate security and never came to his rescue as he was beaten and knocked unconscious, and I could list many other examples. Tampa attorney Jeffrey Gordon has brought lawsuits against the Seminole Tribe and said this - “You're allowing the tribe to self-regulate and decide whether or not they deem a claim worthy, the same guys that I’m accusing of wrongdoing, they're going to make the decision of whether there’s wrongdoing? That's not fair.” But rather than allow American Blacks, Whites, or Hispanics to own and operate casinos in a free market lawmakers take the Indian bribes, calling them “campaign contributions” and stop anyone else from opening a casino and force any Floridian who wants to gamble in our own state to put up with crooked games on a “Reservation” where rules & laws don’t matter. Lawmakers support the forced submission of Florida workers who must give up their right to unionize and accept horrific employment practices instead of having middle class jobs like workers do in Las Vegas. As all this goes on Gov. Rick Scott shows up touting this “Great Deal” for Floridians. Then there’s the power monopoly we must put up with. While FPL is poisoning us all with their Smart Meter radio waves that go thru your body day & night and track your every movement inside your own home our lawmakers accept their bribes and look the other way. While FPL poisons our water, heats it to over 100 degrees and stinks up the air on Flagler Blvd. in WPB our Representatives at every level of government do nothing but ignore it. Even our daily newspaper the Palm Beach Post has refused to do one story on the dangers of Smart Meters, in spite of ample evidence presented by this writer and others that we are being made sick right at this moment by FPL. So as this political season heats up, if you’re in front of a politician who barks about supporting “Free Markets” ask them about the Seminole Indian Casino deal and the FPL power monopoly that last quarter made over $6 million a day in Net Profits, which amounts to us being overcharged by at least $4 million a day, then sit back and listen to a bunch of BS. When they’re done with their answer have the courage to call them a liar, because that’s what they are. Your power bill could be at least 40% less than it is every month if we had competition and we could have good jobs being created and safe places to gamble in first class casinos, it is FPL & Indian bribes to lawmakers that are stopping that from happening.