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JOEY MERLINO WALKS AWAY FROM CHARGES Hung Jury means Joey walks and a retrial is doubtful

The Jury deliberated for 30 hours and said that's all folks. The judge had no choice but to call it a mistrial. Joey Merlino is the new Teflon Don. Not one charge stuck. Despite hundreds of hours of tapes recorded by a rat named JR Rubeo the Jury said there was not enough evidence to link Boca Raton resident and alleged Boss of the Philly crime family Skinny Joey Merlino to any crime. Not gambling, Not health care fraud. About the only thing that came out of the trial was Joey's prediction the Eagles would win the SuperBowl. Word is he had a few hundred thousand on the game. So in the end, after 3 years of investigations, 1 stinky rat recording everyone in his path, a bunch of guys who plead guilty and are doing time, Joey fought the law, and Joey won. You'll catch him out on the town in Boca Raton as he is now completely free, not on parole, with no restrictions on who he hangs out with and where he goes. 

Joey Merlino