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In November of last year I told you about Congressman Alcee Hastings paying $733,744.00 in taxpayer funded salary to his aid Mikel Jones who seemed to live full time in Philadelphia and was convicted of defrauding a New York Venture fund. Hastings waited until he was convicted to take him off his taxpayer funded office payroll. Jones was on the payroll for more than 10 years. Now comes word that Hastings has kept his girlfriend on the payroll to the tune of $622,574 - and that’s just from 2007 to 2010. Calling her a “Deputy District Director” Hastings has paid Patricia Williams this massive salary as he represents the poorest areas of Riviera Beach. Funny thing is no one I’ve spoken with in the community even knows her. As one local very active African-American office-holding council person said to me when I mentioned her name - “Who?, oh, Alcee’s girlfriend, I‘ve seen her around him a few times over the years.” When the local press called Hastings to ask about his - he claimed the report that outed this absurd pay was wrong because it labeled her as a “family member.” He then refused to answer when questioned about Patricia Williams being his girlfriend. The group that exposed Hastings, the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington, ranked him as the number 1 exploiter of paying salaries & fees to family members. When you can rank number 1 in corruption among 435 members of Congress you’ve achieved greatness. Please throw this bum out next election.