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Very rich Palm Beach people are talking about the infestation of spies at Mar-A-Lago that has been happening since Donald Trump bought the residential home and turned it into a country club. First, there’s the employees. Mar-A-Lago, like The Everglades Club has used white foreign born workers from eastern Europe since the first season they opened. They are hired through an employment agency and arrive on US work visas. Many in the past and present are from nations like Ukraine, Romania & Moldova, all hotbeds of Russian spy agency types. Mar-A-Lago members for many years have commented on the employees. Why not hire Americans? Why do these employees seem to be everywhere, often with very “open ears”? The employees, who often speak foreign languages to each other in earshot of Members, have the entire run of the place and are seen everywhere  around the huge property. As one member said “It would be beyond easy for any of them to plant anything, from listening devices to bombs, and these things could have been planted years ago, the entire place could be bugged from top to bottom.” Then there are the Members. Since he opened it, to his credit, Donald Trump has allowed anyone from anywhere to join, as long as they had the money to pay. Any foreign spy agency would welcome the chance to plant high level spies in a place frequented by the American elite. Many exclusive fund raising charity events are held at Mar-A-Lago, giving spies access to business & government leaders at the highest levels of American culture. Local Palm Beachers who are Members have been perplexed by people showing up as full fledged Members that constantly engage in very inquisitive conversations with Americans. One Member said “The questions now make sense to me, these folks are spies attempting to learn everything they can.” Any spy in the world would also attempt to have access to Members of the Everglades Club, an ultra exclusive place where captains of every industry are Members and meet there often. Armored SUV Limousines are a regular site going into the Everglades Club. Business is discussed. If a spy agency was to successfully bug both Mar-A-Lago and the Everglades Club and be able to report to their superiors the comings and goings and who is meeting with who that is extremely valuable information. All a spy agency would have to do is plant people thru the employment agency in eastern Europe, easily accomplished by bribes, and within days your spies are walking around Mar-A-Lago. They can report when the President is there, who he is talking to and for how long. Housekeeping employees could plant bugs in every room. The bugs could be turned off when employee spies see Secret Service staff arriving to sweep rooms for electronic devices. But most Members are afraid to complain directly to Trump. They think he will lash out at them and even expel them from the club. Several who have been watching the President’s behaviors over the years say similar things. “He’s a 5-year old child in a mans body” who is “prone to extreme acts of petty vindictive response to anyone who questions anything he does.” But now American Members are saying openly around town they’ve had enough and they are talking to major news organizations. “We can’t sit by while this President allows the Russians to spy on all of us” one Member told me. Stay tuned.