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SOUTH FLA GANGSTER TURNS RAT Reynold Maragni turns on organized crime figures and sings

South Fla. Colombo Gangster turns rat........If you’ve had any conversations with Broward & Palm Beach area Colombo Captain Reynold Maragni lately you’d better head for the hills and hide for a few years. Turns out this guy’s been wearing a wire for at least the last 6 weeks. Maragni was popped by the Feds 4 months ago and put up bail of $2.5 million. Several pals put up property & signatures to satisfy his bail including his wife, kids and his girlfriend, who works as a make-up artist at a famous department store I won’t name so she doesn’t get fired. Maragni has a home in Broward County and he claimed to the Federal Court in NYC that his doctors were in Broward so they granted him the right to travel back & forth at will to get treatments for his alleged cancer. That’s the story he told everyone. Spending most of his time here it was business as usual. Then his girlfriend asked to have her property and name removed from his bail. No problem, Maragni would find someone else. But the court never asked him to. Then a made guy from another crime family got nervous about Maragni’s case seeming to be put on a slow track and got into the sealed court records. At the hearing to release her from the bond Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto said to an empty courtroom but into the transcript  “bond was no longer necessary anyway because he’s in the government’s witness protection program.” Word of that has leaked over the last week among Colombo, Gambino & Genovese gangsters in South Florida, the three families with a large presence here. To say there is a panic is an understatement. Guys who were closest to Maragni are afraid they’re on the list to get wacked. The Genovese & Gambino’s are leading a charge to break up the Columbo Family presence completely, take over their profitable bookmaking operations before the NBA playoffs arrive and put their own “Managers” in the lucrative strip clubs & escort services they operate with front men. This is the first time this story has appeared in a newspaper or any news outlet - so if you’re running with these guys beware - whomever Maragni gave up will be asked to turn rat also. Happy trails.