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State Attorney Dave Aronberg loses "Beard"

In gay circles a “beard” is slang for a wife that a gay guy marries to throw his employers or family off the path that he’s gay. Beards are often used by politicians to fool voters. ( Charlie Crist comes to mind) When current WPB State Attorney Dave Aronberg got married, word spread all over town he’d found a beard and people started making private bets on how long it would last. Most said it wouldn't see 2 years. The marriage lasted 21 months. Lynn Aronberg filed for divorce and cited some interesting things that made sense to many in the gay community. She then started talking to media. She used coded language saying - “It’s just not working out, I want a baby so bad, but Dave’s not responding to that need.” That’s another way to say their marriage is sexless. Friends of hers are now talking all over town, saying things like “The marriage was barely consummated” and “after the wedding night sex was non-existent, mostly because her attempts to arouse him were never successful.” Within a short time of getting hitched she demanded they see a marriage counselor in order to keep the marriage going on paper. Finally she allegedly caught him seeing an old “friend” she knows is gay, and decided it was time to flee.