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The only woman in the Vegas Black Book......

The only woman in the Vegas Black Book......Sandra Kay Vaccaro is the first and only woman put in the famed Las Vegas Black Book of people barred from entering any Vegas Casino. She and her husband John created a “device” they would insert into a slot machine’s bill validator so it would register a wager of $100 when a $1 had been inserted. She would play a few spins then cash out. This allegedly went on for years, from the mid 1980’s to around 1998, and they stole millions. They might still be getting away with it had she not engaged in another trick, trying to slip a pre-arranged deck into a shoe of cards at a blackjack table. She was busted for that, then they reviewed tapes and saw her juggling the cash inserts at slot machines. The funniest member of the Black Book has to be mobster Frank Citro Jr. He showed up for his 10AM hearing in a tuxedo. When a regulator opened the hearing and asked him why he was so dressed up he replied, “I’ve never been invited to join anything in my life, I just wanted to show the proper respect.”