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What happened to lotto money going into education?

What happened to lotto money going into education?.....This year Florida state lawmakers are trying to take $200 million out of public schools and into for profit Charter Schools. Since the year 2000 Florida public schools have been stripped of $750 million, and of that amount over $70 million went to build out charter schools that are now closed. Operators have fled with millions. Florida leads the nation in charter school closings. After 35 closed last year, Republicans pushed for 38 to open this year, at taxpayer expense. Last year the Acclaim Academy closed schools in central Florida in the middle of the year, leaving students with nothing while the operator walked away allegedly with millions. While public schools have to take every student, and are graded and managed by taxpayers thru elected School Boards, Charter Schools seem to do whatever they want and take whatever students they want. It’s getting worse. At the start of the last school year 3 charter schools got money and closed before they even opened for their first year of school. In 2015, 21 Palm Beach County charter schools closed after getting $9 million, in Broward 19 closed that got $16 million. This month Pinellas County is closing 3 charter schools for “substandard practices.” Many of these  “schools” are housed in strip mall spaces. It’s a joke on students and a rip off for Florida taxpayers.