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ZSA ZSA'S DAUGHTER DIES BROKE From her Conrad Hilton marriage the child no one wanted


Born in 1947, daughter of one of the most beautiful women and one of the richest men in the world at the time, Francesca Hilton was raised attending celebrity parties, living in mansions, earning blue ribbons in horse-riding competitions and jet-setting to Paris, New York, Rome & Aspen from a Beverly Hills Mansion. She died in January living in a 1997 Toyota, occasionally having enough cash for rent in a Hollywood pay by the week flophouse apartment building and her final moment came via a massive heart attack in a dingy bathroom. In 1979 her daddy Conrad died and left her $100,000. A nice inheritance in 1979 but not when you compare it to his total net worth of $200 million, she being one of his children. Then it became known that she was actually the child of Nicky Hilton, his son. Zsa Zsa was regularly having sex with Conrad’s son when he was away on business and the day Francesca was born Conrad knew it was not his child. He divorced Zsa Zsa the same year Francesca was born, she claimed Francesca’s conception was the result of Conrad showing up drunk to her NYC Hotel room and raping her. In the early 1980’s Francesca continued to party like a millionaire and when the inheritance was gone Zsa Zsa, now married to nutjob Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, cut her off financially. Once Zsa Zsa’s dementia took hold 12 years ago von Anhalt stopped all money flow to her and the Hilton family had long ago disowned her. Her biological father Nicky Hilton Jr. died at age 42 in 1969 from a heart attack, after a marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. Francesca worked around Hollywood as a press agent, photographer and did stand up comedy for the $25 nightly appearance fees at the Improv with jokes like ‘My mom is Zsa Zsa Gabor. Couple of you are going to know who that is. My father was Conrad Hilton. Some of you have our towels. Keep 'em! Keep anything you steal! Keep 'em!, My niece is Paris Hilton. She called me the other day and said, 'Francesca, can you pick me up? I'm just too drunk to drive.' I said, 'Girl, I'd pick you up, but I'm too drunk to drive myself!” Francesca’s body lingered for 14 days at the morgue until her brother Barron Hilton finally came forward to claim her body. Von Anhalt tried to claim her right after she died, but complications arose. Even though Von Anhalt is married to her mother Zsa Zsa Gabor, Barron prevented him from claiming her and  barred Frederick from the funeral, posting two ex-marines at the church doors to stop Frederick should he try to attend the service. Von Anhalt says he has not and will not tell Zsa Zsa her daughter has died, claiming it may upset her. So Zsa Zsa lives on as the only one left of the “Bombshells from Budapest.” Her sister Eva died in 1995, other sis Magda died in 1997. During the 50’ and 60’s they were the most beautiful 3 sisters alive, all married well and lived wealthy lives.